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Happy Election Day!

Make sure to take time and exercise your right to vote.  In case you need help finding your polling location, visit the MN Secretary of State's poll finder website.  "I Voted" stickers are the hottest accessory this time of year!

Creating Community Across Generations

Minnesota’s communities currently have five generations living and working together.  The unique characteristics and beliefs of each generation add many benefits to communities but they do present challenges.  It is important to keep in mind the events and characteristics that define each generation while ensuring that you move beyond generalizations.  It is also important that we continue to work towards respect within our communities.  In order to do this, we must acknowledge that each generation has a different definition of respect.  It is important to acknowledge cultural definitions of trust as we work in communities that are diverse in generations and cultures.  To learn how to work across generations to strengthen your community, check out “Creating community across generations” in the newest issue of Vital Connections.  It offers great information and insight on the topic from Extension educators Lisa Hinz and Jody Horntvedt.