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OPPORTUNITY - Paths to Civic Engagement Workshop Series

In Minnesota there is a call for more leaders in rural communities.  According to an analysis by Extension research fellow Ben Winchester, 1 in 16 people must serve as a leader in rural Minnesota counties.   To help people prepare for this level of service the Initiative Foundation is offering the Paths to Civic Engagement workshop series as a way to give advanced training to up to 50 motivated community members under the age of 40.  The workshop series addresses topics such as ethical leadership, interacting with the media, resolving conflict, understanding the basics of government finance, and more.  While helping individuals prepare to take on elected, appointed, or staff positions within local units of government and non-profits it also helps participants build a support network that will be there for them as they step forward into leadership roles.  Visit the Initiative Foundation website to learn more about the Paths to Civic Engagement program and how to apply.  They also have an excellent video to give you more information about the program.  Registrations are being accepted until July 15, 2016 and accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

The Initiative Foundation serves fourteen counties in Central Minnesota including “the St. Cloud area and Twin Cities metro ring counties in addition to the Brainerd Lakes area, two tribal nations, and the rural countryside.”

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