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OPPORTUNITY -  Connect Your Community Project to University Resources

The Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (NWRSDP) has announced its funding priorities for community projects in FY2017.  They will focus on projects related to natural resources, food systems, clean energy, and resilient communities and tourism.  You can learn more about the area that is covered by the NWRSDP here.   Idea Briefs for this grant opportunity are due on May 30 and September 30.  Visit their website for more details on how to apply. 

Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP) connect communities in Greater Minnesota with resources from the University of Minnesota.  As part of University of Minnesota Extension, RSDP brings together community members with knowledge and start-up funding from the University in order to solve problems and work towards efforts that address their four main focus areas.  Learn more about the exciting projects that RSDP is involved in across Minnesota.

Photo credit Flickr user Uncle Milborn

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