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LEARN - Understanding the New Generation of Volunteers

Can you feel that?  There’s been a “seismic shift” impacting the volunteering world during the last 20 years.  And that shift is now impacting organizations as they work to recruit and retain volunteers.  Margaret Henderson recently contributed a post to the UNC School of Government’s Public Leadership Blog about the need to be flexible when we work with volunteers.   This flexibility is needed in order to recognize the unique qualities and attributes volunteers bring based on their generation, interests, and experience.   We know that if we can engage people in one type of civic engagement task, such as volunteering, they are more likely to become involved in other groups, committees, and events.  Read all of Margaret Henderson’s post  in the UNC’s School of Government Public Leadership Blog to learn more about the “seismic shift” in volunteering and how to meet the needs of those who want to serve in your community.

Photo credit Flickr user wood_owl

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