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Learn - Lessons from a Vocal Mob Hijacking a Meeting

Have you been in a meeting that has been hijacked by a vocal mob? Author Dave Biggs, a public engagement professional, shared a story about a time that it happened to him in a local community meeting and the lessons he learned. One big lesson:
In some situations, we reduced the opportunities for disruptive plenary outbursts by organizing table discussions.Go read the full article to get three more practical tips to help meetings run smoothly.

If you are looking for more tips on what to do in tough situations, join our webinar. Information and registration at

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Learn - Leading through Tough Situations

University of Minnesota Extension is kicking of its 2016 Leadership Series with a FREE webinar about Leading through Tough Situations. If you want tips and ideas on how to get out of a snag during a meeting or how to appropriately work with a difficult team member, check this out. The webinar is split into two parts, each 90 minutes, focusing on different tough situations: Understanding Conflict in Groups - Thursday, May 19 from 8:30 to 10:00 AMDealing with Difficult Meeting Behaviors - Thursday, May 26, 8:30 to 10:00 AM Participants are responsible for viewing some short materials before each session. So register for this FREE webinar before spaces run out:
Head here to read about all the other events planned for the 2016 Leadership Series
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Opportunity - Nominate someone for 50 Over 50

AARP and Pollen are putting together a list of 50 great Minnesota community leaders over the age of 50 to celebrate those who are making an impact and show no signs of slowing. We know there are many great leaders across the state who could qualify. Nominate someone from your community today!
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Got a big idea?

If you do, you should share it with our colleagues at the Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships. They are in the business of bringing University partnerships to help make ideas happen. You can fill out an idea form by going to their web site and filling out an Idea Brief.

Learn - Minnesota Compass on Civic Engagement Measures

Minnesota Compass' Allison Liuzzi recently published a blog post outlining three key civic engagement indicators for Minnesota. Check it out to see how Minnesota residents stack up again others across the nation in measures like connection to government, connection to community, and connection to each other. What do these numbers suggest for your community?