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Opportunity - Two chances to build leadership from the Bush Foundation

The Bush Foundation is offering two great opportunities for leaders throughout Minnesota to build their leadership and help their communities and organizations.

First, the Bush Foundation is making 50 scholarships available to the Independent Sector National Conference. The conference is a unique meeting where many of the best and brightest from nonprofits, foundations and corporations of every size come together to collaborate, network and learn about the emerging national and global trends that affect us all and how we can work together to advance the common good. To read more about the conference, visit

The conference is being held in Miami, FL from October 27-29.

Scholarships will cover registration, hotel costs and travel reimbursement. For information on how to apply, go to The deadline for application is August 1, 2015.

In addition, the Bush Foundation has also opened up the application to be a 2016 Bush Fellow. Described as a "bet on extraordinary potential," the Bush Foundation is seeking applications from individuals who are ready to think bigger and differently about what is possible in their communities.

It is an opportunity to increase your leadership capacity by pursuing learning experiences that will increase your knowledge and develop important leadership skills and attributes, especially in the areas of communications, self-awareness, creativity, cultural competency and cross-sector leadership.

All the information about eligibility, criteria and the registration link are on the Bush Foundation website. Questions can also be addressed to the Bush Foundation at 651-379-2249. The deadline for application is July 30, 2015 at noon.
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