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Leadership skills for engaging others

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The 2014 Leadership Series continues with an exciting offering made up of three webinars examining different aspects of engaging others.

Do people tune out of meetings? Does the group always head down the same path? Looking for ways to include new people and perspectives in your work? This offering, over three separate webinars, will provide insight into these common situations. In preparation, participants will be invited to watch a short,LHinz.jpg online presentation in the week before the live webinar. On that day, educators Lisa Hinz and Jody Horntvedt will lead conversations that invite participants to consider and apply the tools and tips to their real-life situations.

Webinars are offered on the second Friday of September, October, and November. Register for one, two, or all three. The cost for one webinar is $15. Sign up for all three and receive a $10 discount.
  • Questioning skills - Friday, September 12 - Lisa Hinz and Jody Horntvedt - It has been said that people move in the direction of their questions. This webinar addresses ways in which questions can serve as tools for leading groups. The webinar will share methods and techniques that can help promote involvement and engage people in reflection, decision-making and other group processes.
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  • So, you're leading the meeting. Now what? - Friday, October 10 - Lisa Hinz and Jody Horntvedt - Skills for leading a meeting can be taken for granted - we assume that when we show up, it will all just work out. And yet, we've all been to plenty of poorly run gatherings. Join this webinar to refresh and add to your skills for effective design and facilitation that engages others and gets results too!
  • Going beyond the usual suspects - Friday, November 14 - Jody Horntvedt - Involve new people and new perspectives in your work. In this webinar, we will share ideas for going beyond the usual suspects to recruit and engage a more diverse range of people and perspective from your community or organization. Not sure you need more diversity? Come share your ideas - we can all learn.

Register now! The deadline for September's webinar is August 29.

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