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Educator Corner: Excellence and Flow

Educator corner is a feature on the blog that appears regularly. Each entry will feature 1 of the 9 Leadership and Civic Engagement educators from around the state providing space for their thoughts on what may be useful for leaders and followers practicing in their communities and organizations.

My office window looks out on the high school athletic fields and being a former P.E. teacher and coach I find myself taking breaks from the computer at that window to gaze at the activity below. When I do, it's obvious to me when a student is in 'the zone', or what Hungarian positive psychologist and professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls "flow".

In experiencing flow, the student is absorbed in twisting her Lacrosse stick right and left, high and low until the perfect moment to propel the ball ever so slyly into the upper pocket of the goal. She is creatively using her skills to meet the challenge at hand. She is oblivious to what is going on around her on the field and …

Registration opened for more 2014 Leadership Series events

The 2014 Leadership Series has FOUR events coming up in June and registration is now open for each one. Click over to the 2014 Leadership Series page for more information and the registration links.

Three of the events are A different kind of conversation: ProAction Cafe. ProAction Cafe brings people together to work on creating solutions and action around real questions and issues. Conversations using the ProAction Cafe process tend to build support, cross-pollinate the best ideas, and lead to new insights. Participants will get to experience the process and learn how to facilitate it for others. They are happening across the state on the following dates:
Fergus Falls - June 10, 2014Thief River Falls - June 11, 2014Willmar - June 24, 2014 The fourth event is titled Motivation: Leading yourself and others. The workshop will demystify the factors that motivate ourselves and others. Register if you are looking to better understand what puts some pep in your step and also how you can cre…