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Highlights from the Compass Annual Meeting 2014

MNCompassAnnual.jpgWhat do predicting the choices of each state in the last Presidential election, finding value on the baseball diamond, and making better movie recommendations have in common? All three are informed by data.

On February 11, 2014, Minnesota Compass hosted its Annual Meeting. Entitled Minnesota next: Millennials, leadership, and the information economy, presenters used data to highlight key trends throughout the state. Here are some interesting highlights for leaders to consider:
  • Minnesota is aging but Millennials comprise the largest percentage of Minnesota's population at 28% (followed by Baby Boomers at 25%)
  • Diversity is fueling Minnesota's growth - In the past 12 years, the state's overall population grew by a modest 10%. But Minnesota experienced a 63% increase among our state's population of color
  • Employment is bouncing back, but not for all groups - At 75%, Minnesota leads the nation in the proportion of adults working, but that number plummets for some groups, including African-Americans (58%) and Native Americans (51%)

Speakers also addressed engaging millennials and using data to identify the positives.

To get more data and trends for thought, check out Minnesota Compass' site. It also contains full videos of the presentations for the dedicated data lovers.

How might you use this data guide your work, volunteering, and community?

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