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Alumni blog goes on holiday!

Happy holidays and warm wishes to you during this season. As a programming note, we will be taking a break on posts until January. Think of it as an opportunity to go through our previous posts!

We hope everyone has a chance to reflect on the things they are thankful for and to think about how we will improve ourselves, our communities, and our organizations in the new year. We look forward to returning in 2014 and to continue supporting you in ways big and small!

Educator Corner: Better Meetings, Better Results

Educator Corner is a feature on the blog that will appear regularly. Each entry will feature 1 of the 9 Leadership and Civic Engagement educators from around the state providing space for their thoughts on what may be useful for leaders and followers practicing in their communities and organizations.

In the past few months, I have attended many meetings. They are how many things get done, whether at work or in community. Some meetings have gone well but others have not. When meetings get bogged down in details or go off track on unrelated items, everyone suffers. It begs the question: what makes some meetings successful? And, what can each of us do, whether convener, facilitator, or participant, to make our meetings more effective? To start I suggest the following three tips:Develop an agenda - if you're not the chairperson, you can offer your help. Thinking through what has to be done, considering the order of items to lead discussion logically, and writing it down goes a long way…