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Alumni action: John and Joni Burkel providing turkeys for presidential pardon

Did you know that the President traditionally pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving at the White House?

This year, two alumni of Extension's Emerging Leadership Program are providing the bird! John and Joni Burkel are making the trip to Washington, D.C. with their fine feathered friend. John is the current chairman for the National Turkey Federation and Joni has long been involved in turkey promotion.

You can follow the story at the Minnesota Turkey Facebook page.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alumni meet to learn about emotionally intelligent teams

Recently, alumni from several University of Minnesota Extension leadership cohorts and friends gathered to go deeper into learning about Emotionally Intelligent teams. Participants had been a part of:McLeod for TomorrowMinnesota Agricultural Rural LeadersBridging Brown CountyConnecting Nicollet CountyAssociation of Minnesota CountiesNational Extension Leadership Development
Individuals had a chance to determine strategies for increasing and developing the 7 core skills that are essential to generating sustainable productivity and emotional and social well-being in teams.

Opportunity: Extension Citizens' Advisory Committee

The University of Minnesota Dean's Office is seeking nominations for Extension's Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC provides a grassroots perspective on the operations, strategies, and impacts of Extension across Minnesota. Committee members
serve as the eyes and ears of Extension's diverse clientele in communities throughout Minnesotasupport Extension's public relations and advocacy goalsand provide greater awareness and access about Extension programming.

Potential candidates should have:
knowledge of or experience with Extensionan interest in education and researchpassion for the future of Extension in Minnesotaavailability to attend two annual meetings and an ability to speak up and share their perspectives.
If this interests you or sounds like someone else from your cohort, visit for more information and the online nomination form.

Perspectives on Leadership - Who knows what could happen?

This is the last video in this week's series about how leadership can make a difference in communities. If you have your own inspiring story to share, leave it in the comments!

Even the smallest of communities can remain vital when residents know their assets. Christina and David Lien contribute to Flom, Minnesota with lessons learned from the Red River Valley Emerging Leadership Program.

Perspectives on Leadership - Another inspiring story

We know that leaders make a difference in their communities and wanted to highlight some of the work being done. This is the second in this week's series about Extension leadership alumni who are putting their skills, connections, and ideas into play.

It takes a lot of partnerships to create a healthier community. Kerry Ward used the contacts she made at McLeod for Tomorrow, a Leadership Education Program, to make a difference.

Perspectives on Leadership - Check out these great stories

We know that leaders make a difference in their communities and wanted to highlight some of the work being done. Over the next few days, check back to watch a new story from alumni of different Extension leadership programs for a daily dose of inspiration!

Deanne Bryce re-imagined her restaurant business after participating in the Bridging Brown County Leadership Education program and learning how other businesses in the county had followed their passion.

Opportunity: Resilient Communities Project

Here is an amazing opportunity for your community to benefit from the research and resource of the University of Minnesota.

The gist: The Resilient Communities Project is a year-long partnership between the University of Minnesota and one local community in the state. Students and faculty from across the University collaborate with the partner community to address the self-defined sustainability-related needs of the community through course-based projects. Everything is oriented to creating on-the-ground impact and momentum for a community looking to move towards a more sustainable and livable future.

If this sounds like something your community is interested in, check out their website for more information and an application packet. The registration deadline is February 14, 2014.