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Opportunity: Health Grants and Facilitation Practice

1008200_312776625523313_906389965_o.jpgTwo neat chances to impact your communities and support your work!

The first is a funding opportunity for community-based organizations that want to use community engagement as a key strategy for reducing tobacco use, heart disease, and preventable cancers.

Why focus on engagement? People are a key ingredient to creating change in their own community. For that reason community members who care about, or are impacted by, the issue at hand should be included in the execution and success of creating community health change. Examples of community engagement include garnering input, cultivating leadership, and growing participation of community members.

The deadline to apply is October 25, 2013 so check out the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota website for more information and the link to apply.

The second is an opportunity to learn and practice an engagement technique for hosting conversations:
The World Cafe Learning Program event is a 3-day practicum and workshop designed to deepen your World Cafe hosting practice and develop your skills in applying the World Cafe design principles to bring forth the creative power of conversation and engage "questions that matter."

The event will take place on November 6-8 at the cost of $200 (previous costs for events like these have been as high as $1,500). If you want more information, check out the online event flyer.

Not certain what the World Cafe technique is? This quick primer gives the basics.

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